Moseke & Pelda, painting It is difficult to describe in words how different it is, not only that two artists do the same work but actually work together. Naturally there is the work, the finished work, 'the blooming', that always shows the potential of this rare plant, appearing in all its new colour and form. But the way there is difficult to comprehend. Matthias Moseke and Mathias Pelda have worked together for seven years sharing the same studio. Since the middle of 2011 they actually work together on the same canvases. The unusual artist duo arrive at a complete new way of perceiving their artistic abstract compositions during their work in progress as well as with the end result. What seems to be a viewless aspiration in creating something really new, succeeds in the common rediscovery of simple colour themes and the subtle representation of the informal. This leads to the philosophical realization that perhaps not everything has been done before. This kind of creative optimism shifts borders, generates energy and brings ultimately enjoyment.